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For Individuals

Income Tax Preparation – Our experienced staff of certified public accountants can accurately prepare your income tax returns and ensure you receive the benefit of all deductions allowed by law.

Rental Real Estate - We have many years of experience dealing with the practical aspects of rental property and we can guide you through the benefits and pitfalls, including the passive activity loss limitations.  We can also assist with the acquisition, sale and exchange of property.  Using our affiliation with lawyers, we can advise you on landlord/tenant matters, drafting leases and other legal matters related to real estate.  We can also advise you on whether you should form a corporation or limited liability company to hold title to the property.

Income Tax Planning – Our expertise allows us to provide you with advice so that you may structure your finances to minimize future tax expense.

Stock Option Planning – We can advise you on the various types of stock options and the elections that are available to significantly minimize taxes on exercise of the options.

Audit Representation – We are licensed to practice before the IRS.  Whether you need an attorney or a CPA in the course of an IRS or state audit, we can provide competent and aggressive representation. We take the burden off you and ensure your rights are protected.

Retirement Planning – We can help you determine your financial objectives and how best to meet your goals.

Alternative Minimum Tax – This is a complex and confusing area of tax that affects more and more families each year.  We can guide you through the complexities and explain your options.

Back Year Return – If you haven’t filed returns we are able to step in and prepare the needed documents.

Installment Agreements and Offers in Compromise – If you owe tax but are unable to pay there are programs within the IRS to allow you time to organize your finances to allow you to pay.  We can assist in these matters.

For Businesses
Estate and Trust Tax
Estate Planning
Audit Services
Business Accounting Services
Real Estate Taxation
Not For Profit Entities

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