Business Law is a general title for the area of the law that encompasses all areas impacting a business.  At Stanaland & Associates we are specialists in business transactions in the State of California. Our San Francisco business attorneys have the expertise and understanding to stand by your side, counsel and assist you in negotiating, drafting, and executing business agreements. Our experience and know-how includes, but is by no means limited to:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements:Purchase and Sale Agreements are legal binding contracts that create obligations on all parties. As such, it is critical that anyone entering into such a contract receive legal advice from a business attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area who is well versed in all the intricacies of such documents.
  • Buy-Sell/Employment Agreements: Buy-Sell Agreements are documents that provide continuity of business ownership when specific events occur (i.e., death, or disability of owner). In effect, a Buy-Sell Agreement is a contract between shareholders or partners regarding the future ownership of the business. Obviously, such a document is of great importance to any business, but because different people’s interests are involved it is very important that all parties be represented by counsel so that they have an advocate who can look out for their interests. We, at Stanaland & Associates, have extensive experience in this area and will provide you with the advice and counsel that you need when creating such a document and to tailor it to work in conjunction with your estate plan.
  • Merger/Acquisitions: These terms refer to the aspect of corporate strategy, finance, and management that deals with the buying, selling, and combining of different companies. This can help a company to grow rapidly. The negotiations required to buy or sell or merge two companies are complex and have legal and tax implications in addition to business complexities. Legal advice is paramount throughout the planning and execution of these agreements. Stanaland & Associates pride ourselves on providing clients with only the best counsel possible.
  • Corporations/S Corporations/LLCs/Partnerships: Choosing the type of legal structure for a new business can be overwhelming for small business owners. Corporations and limited liability companies (known as LLCs) are frequently the preferred business structure because they offer liability protection to the owners (unlike sole proprietorships and partnerships). However, there are different kinds of corporations. Partnerships, LLCs, and S Corporations are similar but not identical. While they are both corporations and provide the liability protection that is usually sought, it is important to speak to a business attorney who understands the intricacies of these kinds of structures so that you can receive the best advice possible.
  • Contracts: A contract is a legal document which creates legal obligations on the parties signing it. The parties make promises to each other that are enforceable in a court of law.
  • Closely held and family owned businesses: A closely held or family owned business is generally a private company in which there are one or two majority stockholders and a number of minority stockholders. These companies have very specific rules governing the rights and obligations of the shareholders, including when and to whom they can sell their stock. Clearly, it is critical that these contracts be drawn up and discussed with a San Francisco small business lawyer  who is well-versed in how these work and who will advocate on your behalf.

We work with our clients to be proactive so as to avoid future problems. You can look to us to provide the guidance you need in matters involving your business. At Stanaland & Associates, our business law attorneys are specialists and as such will listen to your goals and ask the appropriate questions to ensure that all legal considerations are evaluated in making the critical business decisions that you face.

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