Real Estate

Our firm has a deep and long experience in handling real estate transactions in the State of California. From the most straight-forward transaction to the most complex negotiations, you can expect only the very best advice and guidance from the San Francisco real estate attorneys of Stanaland & Associates. Our experience includes:

  • Real Estate Partnerships & LLP’s: By definition, a partnership is a legal relationship between two or more entities. The relationship is contractually defined as joint principals in a business. An LLP is a form of business that, while a partnership, limits the liability of the partners. In real estate, a partnership can have many applications. It is critical to have a legal document drawn up that spells out all the rights and responsibilities of the various partners. It is important to have a real estate contract attorney who represents your interests to assist you in hammering out the details of these contracts.
  • Tax Deferred Exchanges: A tax deferred exchange involves the exchange of certain types of property that may defer the recognition of capital gains or losses that would be due upon the sale. As a result, any capital gains taxes otherwise due are deferred. To understand whether or not your property transfer qualifies or even whether this type of exchange is right for you, it is imperative that you have an excellent grounding in not only real estate law but in the tax laws, both federal and state. The real estate attorneys of Stanaland & Associates have such expertise.
  • Commercial and Residential Sales: Whenever any property is purchased or sold there are all kinds of issues that can arise. One way to limit potential problems it is critical to handle the necessary steps in the purchase/sale in a timely and legally correct fashion. The correctcommerical real estate attorney or residential real estate lawyer can provide you with the guidance, assistance, and advocacy to allow your purchase or sale of property go as smoothly as possible and result in a good outcome.
  • Commercial and Residential Leases: As with commercial and residential sales, commercial and residential leases have many potential pitfalls. As a landlord or tenant, you want to ensure that your rights and responsibilities are spelled out accurately and completely in any lease. You want to ensure that your interests are protected as much as possible. At Stanaland & Associates our residential real estate attorneys and commercial real estate lawyers have the expertise in the real estate lease area to provide you with the guidance you will need to see this transaction occurs in the most positive manner.
  • Ownership and Management Problems of Co-Tenancies and Family Partnerships: If you are involved in the ownership and management of a co-tenancy or family partnership, you know that while it is good to share the risk and responsibility of real estate investments, it also can present challenges even under the best of circumstances. We at Stanaland & Associates are well versed in these types of arrangements and can provide you with our expertise in drawing up the documents that can define these relationships and responsibilities to allow for the best possible understanding of the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

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