U.S. Appeals Court Quashes IRS Tax-Return Preparer Crackdown

This articles reflects an interesting case of the interaction of federal vs. states rights. The IRS has a vested interest in promoting good behavior and service by tax-return preparers; the more accurate the return, the higher the probability that the Service will collect the tax due. However, the Service’s powers are limited by our federal system. It appears that the court found the executive branch to be stepping the the state’s collective toes with recent efforts to police US tax-return preparers.

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For an interesting look into the ongoing struggles faced by our federal system and state’s rights, here is a podcast that I recently enjoyed. Constitutional law issues make much more sense in the context of duck hunting, attempted murder, and an adulterous interlude. For those of you new to this area of constitutional law, the article above may make more sense after listening to this program.