Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney in San Francisco

Why do you need a San Francisco real estate lawyer?  The purchase and sale of real property is a complicated process full of potential pitfalls.  If you are involved in a real estate transaction involving residential or commercial property, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney.  Experienced legal counsel can end up saving you from a costly, legal battle after the deal closes.

Keep in mind, even when you hire a real estate broker, the broker usually doesn’t get paid a commission unless the deal closes.  Therefore, your real estate broker is more inclined to push the deal along as quickly as possible.  Your broker probably won’t worry about the explaining or understanding some of the details and long-term legal implications you may have within the lengthy contract.  In fact, you may have to retain a lawyer on a lawsuit in the aftermath of a deal gone wrong.  You are much better off hiring a real estate attorney in San Francisco who will provide you with impartial legal advice and serve your best interests.

Residential real estate transactions: The decision to buy or sell a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most people will ever have to make.  For most people there is a lot at stake financially. While you may not need help during negotiation, without the help of a residential real estate attorney in San Francisco who will read and revise all terms and documents, a seller may become liable to pay the broker commission even without a sale or unknowingly agree to pay more than one brokerage commission.  The current mortgage crisis is a perfect example of why you need an attorney who will carefully explain the implications of your new proposed mortgage loan.  A real estate attorney can also explain tax consequences, help you search and insure title, answer your questions regarding zoning, review a survey map of the property, and conduct the closing appointment, helping to explain the closing costs and settle last minute disputes.

Commercial real estate transactions: Naturally, the risks associated with commercial real estate transactions are much greater than residential real estate.   Commercial property is more prone to have all kinds of liens and title problems, more concerns about hazardous materials or zoning issues, more disclosures, and unlike residential real estate deals, less consumer protections against abusive lending practices.

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